DOO MIRAŽ, a production and consulting company based in Novi Sad, has a rich history dating back to 1991, when it was founded as P.P. MIRAŽ in Bečej. After successful development, in 1996 it changed to the form of a limited liability company (D.O.O.) called MIRAŽ.

Our company specializes in the production and repair of hydraulic cylinders, as well as the production of documentation for all types of cylinders. In addition, we provide services for the repair of distributors, pumps, production and service of hydraulic aggregates and installations.

With expertise and experience, we are committed to providing high quality products and services to our customers. We continuously invest in development and innovation in order to adapt to the growing demands of the market.

DOO MIRAŽ is a reliable partner that can offer you comprehensive solutions in the field of hydraulics. We offer expert advice and support throughout the entire process, with a focus on the satisfaction of our clients.

Contact us today and discover why we have become a recognized company in the hydraulic cylinder and related products industry.


Hydraulic cylinders are made of high quality materials, the pipes are steel- quality St.55, connecting rods are made of refined steel, sliding surface of the connecting rods are hard-chrome plated. High-quality sealing material contributes to a long period and high reliability of these cylinders. All cylinders, upon all of their parts are carefully assembled, are tested to verify their performance in order to test pressure and their resistance to leaking.


DOO MIRAŽ provides the manufacturing of hydraulic cylinders in standard sizes, as well as a series of products tailored to customers or customer-specific instruction in almost all areas of engineering and production of construction vehicles. In order to best achieve our high standards and the market demands, we have assembled a team of highly skilled workers, working in a facility of 1200 m², using modern machines and the latest equipment for efficient production and repair of hydraulic cylinders and repair of hydraulic equipment.